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Cheap Towing – How to Calculate Towing Capacity

Cheap Towing is a towing company that provides reliable roadside assistance at a competitive price. Their trucks and crew are available 24/7 to help customers in their time of need. They offer a wide range of services, including flat tire changes, jump starts, fuel deliveries, and even winching. Their goal is to get you back on the road as quickly as possible without breaking your bank account. They also aim to provide excellent customer service.

A vehicle’s towing capacity is the maximum weight it can pull, and that number will change depending on how your car is configured, what you’re carrying, and how you distribute and control the load. To calculate it, you’ll need to know the tow vehicle’s curb weight, the total weight of everyone and everything inside, the trailer weight, and the tongue weight of whatever’s attached to the hitch.

There is no single chart that tells you how much your specific tow vehicle will weigh, but you can find the information in your owner’s manual or by contacting the manufacturer. You’ll need to know the vehicle’s dry weight (the weight of the vehicle without cargo or fluids), its gross axle weight rating, and its gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR).

Your towing company will charge a hook-up fee and then per mile for the rest of the tow. A tow of five miles or less will cost $35 to $100, and a longer tow could cost $150 or more. In some states, it’s illegal to drive a vehicle over its GVWR, and exceeding that limit can cause serious damage to your car.

Towing a large vehicle like a boat, camper, or car hauler can put an extreme strain on your tow vehicle and hitch. It’s important to have the right towing equipment for the job. You’ll need a tow vehicle with enough power to handle the load, and a hitch that can easily secure it. You’ll also need a tow dolly or other special equipment to keep the load in place and off of your towing vehicle’s wheels.

The towing companies in Flushing New York area are known for providing quick and affordable roadside assistance for their customers. Their service technicians are trained to provide the best customer experience, whether you need a simple tire change or a more complicated recovery. Their technicians use only brand new equipment and proven industry methods and techniques. Their fleet includes tow trucks, dolly’s, and wheel-lift towing trucks.

Tipping tow truck drivers is a common practice that can show your appreciation for their hard work. While it isn’t exactly a requirement, most people working in this industry would be happy to receive any additional compensation they can get. It’s especially important to tip the driver if they go above and beyond to help you out. Towing drivers don’t get paid a lot, and a small tip can go a long way.

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