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How to Find the Best Moving Services

Whether your move is across the street or across the country, hiring a moving company can save you time and strain on your back. But it’s important to weigh cost against services before choosing a company.

Identify what your specific needs are and choose a company that meets those needs seamlessly. This could include full-service packing and loading, storage options or specialty items like antiques or pianos. Look for a company that offers these services in-house or through trusted affiliates.

Many factors affect the cost of a move, with the most significant factor being the distance and weight or volume of the belongings to be transported. Local movers typically charge by the hour while long-distance movers will quote a flat rate based on distance and weight or volume. Additional charges for services such as packaging, crating or assembling/disassembling furniture can also add up.

Some companies Doyle Moving Services offer specialized services such as transporting large appliances, oversized furnishings and hot tubs. These companies can add extra to the base price of a move due to the complexity and size of these items. Some movers may also charge for special handling or disassembly of items such as beds, sofas and dressers.

Accessibility of your home or apartment is another major factor that can increase your moving costs. For example, if you live in an old walk-up apartment that doesn’t have an elevator, you’ll likely be charged for stairs. Also, if your street isn’t wide enough for the moving truck to park in, you might be charged for additional trips.

Lastly, the season and demand can affect pricing. The summer is the most popular moving time for homeowners and businesses, so rates tend to be higher during this period. You can try to lower your move costs by scheduling it in the fall or winter when demand is less.

Most movers require some sort of deposit or down payment before beginning the work. This amount can vary from 10% to 25% of the estimated project costs. Be wary of companies that require a large down payment up front, as this can be a red flag.

The best movers are reputable, insured and licensed by the appropriate agencies in your area. They should also provide a detailed estimate of the work to be performed and adhere to all federal, state and local laws. In addition, the top movers have excellent customer feedback, with high marks for quality and affordability.

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