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What to Expect From a Full Service Mover

If you’re moving out of a house into a new apartment or you’re downsizing to a smaller space, you’ll need movers to help with the heavy lifting. Professional movers can pack, dismantle, and transport furniture and household goods from one location to another for a flat rate. They know how to protect fragile and valuable items, and they can also save you time and energy by efficiently packing up and unpacking boxes for you.

Moving is a complicated process that requires the right equipment and expertise. Many movers specialize in certain types of moves, such as local or long-distance, residential or commercial, and they may offer additional services like storage or furniture removal. Checking a mover’s credentials is important, too. Legitimate movers will have a U.S. Department of Transportation number for interstate moves, or a state-level registration often regulated by the Department of Transportation for local moves. They should also have insurance to cover the value of your belongings.

A good mover should be able to provide you with a comprehensive, accurate estimate of how much your move will cost. They should conduct an in-home inspection and take a detailed inventory of your items before providing you with an estimate. Then, they’ll be able to give you a breakdown of charges and a timeline for how long your move will take.

For example, it should only take a few hours for a team of movers to properly pack up your belongings. Getting them out of your home and onto their truck should only take about an hour or an hour and a half, too. Once your stuff is on the truck, they’ll drive it to your destination. This is the most time-consuming part of the move, since they’ll need to drive carefully to keep your items safe. Once they arrive at their destination, the unloading should be quick.

If you choose a full service mover, they’ll supply all the packing materials and supplies you’ll need, such as boxes and tape. They’ll also know how to load a truck efficiently. For instance, they might use a shuttle to carry your items from their larger truck into a smaller one that can fit more easily into a downtown parking lot. They’ll even know how to protect your items in transit, such as by using furniture blankets to reduce scratches and dents. They’ll also have a deep understanding of city parking regulations and traffic patterns, so your move will go smoothly. In addition, some movers offer storage services, which is helpful if you’re downsizing from a five-bedroom home into a two-bedroom apartment but want to keep some of your belongings in storage for later. This is an extra fee, but it’s well worth it to avoid the hassle of storing your items in an offsite facility. To get started, compare quotes from multiple movers who specialize in your type of move. Be sure to include the details of your needs and budget, including any additional services you’re considering.

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